The Government of Haryana, understanding the emphasis of the Government of India towards skill and entrepreneurship development launched India’s first Skill University in 2016. The University is being set up at village Dudhola in district Palwal.
SVSU focuses on meeting the skill demands of the State in the current and emerging areas of various sectors such as manufacturing, automobile, IT, healthcare, construction, banking finance, hospitality, agriculture, etc. Experiential learning will be enabled through flexible entry-exit avenues, credit accumulation transferability and blended learning methodologies of simulation gamification. Focus on ‘Entrepreneurship and Skills of Tomorrow’ will also form an essential prerogative of the University. Read this article to know the ten amazing facts about SVSU that make it unique.

Situated at the outskirts of the industrial city of Faridabad, amidst the picturesque Aravalli mountain ranges, SVSU will take your breath away at the very first sight. Waking up to the view of green forest in a pollution-free environment and catching a glimpse of the clear sky while running to the classes are some moments which will become a part of your life. Spending your free evenings amidst green fields and a beautiful temple will become a routine of life here.

Inspired by Lord Vishwakarma and Bhagavad Gita 

Lord Vishwakarma is considered as the God of skills and technology. He is known to be the architect of this universe and also the designer of all flying chariots of Gods and their divine weapons.

Lord Vishwakarma was also a city planner; who created Dwaraka, the capital of Lord Krishna; the town of Hastinapur – the capital of Kauravas and Indraprastha for Pandavas. A look at our university model and you would realize that the six academic blocks are conceived as horses and administrative and auditorium blocks as balancing wheels of the chariot.

The motto “योगः कर्मसु कौशलम्” has been adopted from Shrimad Bhagwat Gita (Chapter 2. Verse 50), meaning yoga is excellence at work. Any work becomes valuable if done with full concentration, dedication and skill.


Campus Architecture

The permanent campus of SVSU is spread in a massive area of 89 acres. The campus will be 

constructed in the shape of a chariot inspired by the Lord Krishna’s chariot in Mahabharata. In an ariel view of it, it looks like Chariot of Arjuna. Chariots have an important place in our civilization. These were driven by horses – known for their purpose, speed, and dynamism. It is over such a chariot, aeons ago Lord Krishna revealed the Principles of Karma to Arjuna that guided him to the path of purposeful action and also set the direction for generations to beacon with. SVSU has taken the inspiration from the chariot and connect with the legend of Haryana, that is Mahabharata.

Industry inspired Gurukul


The University has more than 100 industries as industry partners which impart skill to students by earn while learn model. The courses have been designed in consultation with industry partners so that a gap between education and employability can be bridged. It provides more chances to get placement after completing the course. It provides knowledge which is based on NSQF model and flexible classroom teaching. The industries like Concentrix, Bikanerwala, hero, Maruti are some of the major industries associated with the University.

Life Ready Students


SVSU has a culture that provides for the students to be at the forefront. With over 20 committees under the Department of Students’ Welfare on campus, students can be often seen working day in and out to extract the best from whatever they put their hearts to. 

From NSS, Research to Students Clubs, to all the cultural fests and events organized on campus, students play a significant part in almost everything that happens on the campus.

Teachers help students to live life with life mantras.

Reviving Indian Heritage


SVSU believes in Indian heritage and running various courses to revive this heritage. The programs like ethnic foods and sweets and folk art Banchari focus on training the students in these areas. Not only the students learn these arts, but they start their ventures also. The University is working to revive the Sharda Lipi again, which is an excellent contribution to Indian civilization.

Kaushal Setu: Education to all, anywhere 

Kaushal Setu is an online sharing and learning platform developed by Shri Vishwakarma Skill University to bridge the education gap, providing academic and skill-based education through personalized and hands-on learning.

Kaushal Setu invites Academicians, Industry Experts, Professionals to register and provide their expert service in the form of sessions, talks and programs. It welcomes experts from all over India to design skill-based and industry-oriented programs to deliver for the learners. The students can also register with Kaushal Setu for their requirements

Sh. Raj Nehru, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor

Last but not least, the committed and dedicated Vice-Chancellor Sh Raj Nehru is somebody everyone from SVSU team is downright proud of. He is a leader by action and a visionary who has played a huge part in building the University and to mark its active presence on Indian Map in such a short period. Apart from the visionary leader, it is his humility and down to earth approach, which makes him an inspiration.