Leadership with curiosity leads one from the path of the unknown to the known. Curiosity is the foundation stone of every reason which builds the rocks of confidence. A child asks many questions out of curiosity and the answers to those questions shape his personality. That helps a person becomes a personality. There is no better example of curiosity than a child’s which gives every woman a chance to think and to stretch her own capabilities to satisfy that curiosity. In the process, a woman becomes a natural curiosity navigator. She breaks her own mind’s patterns every time to answer and explores the unexplored. This develops her habit of giving logic in a simple way with confidence. If we hark to our mythological past, Meera’s childhood curiosity about marriage and bridegrooms forced her mother to tell her that Lord Krishna would be her bridegroom. That answer transformed Meera’s life. Women, through this questioning and answering, emerge as leaders who are able to prove their points in a simple and straightway # #leadership #learning #leaders #womenleadership #curiosity #inspiration.