Prior to the Corona Pandemic hit the world, the Hospitality Industry that provided jobs to millions of people every year and kept flourishing too,  the same industry is nowadays facing a huge economic crisis and still, the condition is deteriorating day by day and millions have faced the brunt.

Earlier, welcoming of guests used to be a signature statement of the hotel and used to showcase the Indian traditional welcome, not only to the foreign guests but to the Indian guests as well before sending them to their respective rooms. But now the scenario has completely changed, and the welcome has to be contactless, no bouquets no traditional welcome. Nowadays the foremost requirement is to get sanitized right from his vehicle to his luggage to himself along with the temperature check. The human touch used to be our signature but has become the enemy now.

Though there are not many changes in the staff uniform extra gears have been made mandatory, undoubtedly is the necessity now for everyone’s safety and we being in this industry take the utmost care of keeping our guests safe and healthy, we live by this motto. Some other rules have also been changed like a hotel that has 50 rooms, 3 are mandatory to be kept for the guests in order to quarantine those who show any symptoms. Not only the seniors have changed. Nowadays, the rules of the hotels are being changed. Like if a hotel is having 50 rooms, then that particular hotel organization has to reserve 3 rooms for that person who is having symptoms of corona or gets into the effect of the corona.

The kitchen department in the hotel is not left untouched by the changes, though the important ones, and for the safety of the guests. Every person in the kitchen has to wear disposable hand gloves, face masks and wear a face shield which is optional.  People don’t want to eat hotels because of the pandemic. The customer thinks that under what conditions the food is being prepared by the chefs. That’s the reason that the customer feels insecure about the food from outside.

Some good hotels are trying to get back the faith of the customer and install cameras in the processing area and give access to that camera to their customers so that they feel that our food comes from a secure place and it is safe to consume.

The Food and Beverage Department is also being affected by the Corona pandemic earlier, cutlery was already placed on the tables. but now cutlery is not been kept on the table. The food is sent directly to the guest’s room to follow the social distance between them and the guests and to keep their guests safe from the virus.

The Housekeeping department that is also known as the backbone of the hotel industry is the department that is facing the brunt of a heavy workload. Before the corona pandemic, the housekeeping department had to clean and sanitize the entire hotel twice a week. But nowadays, the housekeeping department has to clean and sanitize the entire hotel twice a day.


COVID-19 has affected every sector across the globe, and the hotel industry is affected the most. We have to examine a set of recovery scenarios for hotels, including the differing return and recovery timelines for hotels ranging from luxury to economy segment. On the consumer’s end, we will look at what guests say will make them feel safe when traveling, including contactless check-ins and check-outs, and an added emphasis on hygiene. And we will review the factors affecting the initial return of travel in the domestic business and leisure segments.

We hope the ideas in this article stimulate your thinking and we look forward to hearing your thoughts

Tarun Sharma

Student of Diploma in Ethnic Foods and Sweets Processing, Session 2019-20

Shri Vishwakarma Skill University, Haryana

Mr. Lovelesh Gupta

Skill Assistant Professor

Shri Vishwakarma Skill University, Haryana