Life Skills We Need for Holistic Development

-Prof Jyoti Rana


Whether you’re at work, a job seeker, student, teacher, parent, or just interested in developing your skills, the following skills will help you improve your personal and professional life.


In life, we are faced with numerous challenges. We may experience some dark patches. But we do not have to be blinded by the darkness. In fact, light owes to darkness because it exists only because of it. It depends on what we see and think. So focusing on lighting a candle has more value than cursing the darkness. It doesn’t mean that we should be necessarily happy at all moments of the day. But it does mean that we have an ability to look at a tough situation and see the possibility versus the difficulty.


We should always remember the people who helped us, no matter how talented we are and irrespective of the heights we have climbed or positions we have achieved. It wouldn’t be possible without help from others. So always remember their contribution and stay humble.

Humbleness is perhaps an under-rated virtue and considered old-fashioned sometimes. But it is extremely important to learn and grow as a human.

Self -appreciation

Self-absorption means “preoccupied with oneself or one’s affairs. That is, self-absorbed individuals typically don’t show much concern about anyone or anything outside their self-interest. As such, it becomes so difficult for them to give a small compliment to others or recognize the efforts of others. They typically want appreciation for them but put little effort to understand others’ thoughts and feelings. And overly focused on themselves, they can easily create problems for others. Self-absorption encourages them to put trouble for others. They are always in this misconception that they are proving their authority by not cooperating. Paying attention to our wants and needs is appropriate, even necessary. But this self-absorbed individual must think about how others perceive him.

In contrast to the above, Self -appreciation is a better term to be followed. Self-appreciation fills you with love and love is the center of every creation. Love is a path that originates from the heart. The heart, which is self-absorbed leads to negativity. On the other side, a self-appreciated heart spreads happiness.

Friendship with Life

We believe in making friends and enjoying life with them. Our maximum daily time gets consumed in gossiping, understanding, convincing, and expressing to our friends that we care for them. Regular calls, long chatting, wishing birthdays, and anniversaries are considered the vignettes of a strong friendship. By adopting these ways, we ensure that we are the most important ones in their life.

On the other side, if we think about developing friendship with life, it falls all the above things in place that friendship demands. In harmony with life, every single thing becomes our friend. We start acknowledging the contribution of every single thing and feel happy in gratitude. Life also responds and starts behaving in a friendly way. It unfolds its treasure of happiness, peace, gratitude, and joy. Just stop thinking and imagine doing long chats with life. Don’t you think that this conversation brings a different level of satisfaction? So let’s start appreciating this friend. Life, as a friend, is available to us all the time and accepts our true self without any complaints. It pours only unconditional love. In this journey of friendship with life, our other friends automatically come close to our heart, since we start acknowledging and touching lives in them also. So thinking of being a friend with life is more rational instead of life with friends. The latter will automatically merge with the first one if we are on the path of being friends with life.